What is threatening the biodiversity and the indigenous people at the Yasuni National Park?

Tierra Linda works very closely with the farming communities based in the Amazon jungle, namely the areas surrounding Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park. We are determined to fully support our farmers in the area given its outstanding global conservation significance and its extraordinary biodiversity and potential to sustain it in the long term. 


Notably, the park faces immense threats as the country's second largest untapped oil reserves called “ITT” lie beneath an intact, remote section of the park. In fact, oil drilling has commenced on the edge of the Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini (ITT) block the park and aside from the risk of substantial impacts on indigenous people, the drilling threatens the globally significant biodiversity in the area.

The preservation of the park is critical to Tierra Linda and that’s why we have chosen to support the local communities and promote their truly unique cacao paste from this magical zone known as the most biodiverse place on earth!

Make your hot chocolate today, using 2-3 little chocolate cubes, stir well, and fully discover the rich, natural taste of Ecuador’s Yasuni.