Tierra Linda’s environmental sustainability commitment

Tierra Linda began with the aim of paying fair prices to Ecuadorian farmers for their products. We partner with local farms and work on the transformation of coffee beans and cacao across 4 regions: Pacific Coast, Andes, Amazon jungle & Galapagos Islands.

Cacao Plantations

Our hot chocolate comes from cacao plantations located 2 km from the security strip of Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park. They are planted in sustainable agroforestry systems which include fruit and timber trees that provide flavour notes and unique organoleptic properties when tasting our product.

An intact, remote section of  Yasuni National Park lies within the country’s second largest untapped oil reserves, and large-scale development projects have been proposed within the park and its buffer zone. Oil access roads have already been built into the park and these roads have facilitated colonisation, deforestation, fragmentation, and overhunting of large fauna in the northwestern section of the park.

It’s only with resilience and joined forces that our farmers will be able to fight an increasing demand for the large natural reserves of oil stored underground and ensure the preservation of their ancestral rainforests in the Amazon.

Coffee beans

Our single origin coffee comes from one single producer, crop, mill or region in Ecuador. We share our farmer’s story and their community/farm name. As single-origin coffee beans are picked by hand, usually in small farms, we ensure our farmers are paid a fair wage.

Our Goal

Our aspiration is to become resource positive, contribute to the growth of the Ecuadorian coffee & cacao industry and protect their indigenous people from exploitation.