Exotic & Delicious: The story of the Enchanted Islands

We do love coffee from Galapagos. Our agro-ecological, single origin, Galapagos coffee, is much loved by the Tierra Linda team, coffee-lovers and adventurers all over the world. The beauty of our Galapagos coffee is directly attributed to our farmers in Santa Cruz and we want to share their story and how they play into the Tierra Linda journey too.

Santa Cruz is in the Galápagos Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Our partner, Vicente, inherited the farm from his parents and began to transform what was a traditional farm into an agroecological farm of his dreams

Vicente’s  keen interest in the natural and organic lifestyle has helped shape the path of his farm. His mission was to convert the farm into a sustainable business that took into consideration the environment while producing high-quality coffee.

Today, the farm has been transformed. Not only is their sustainably-grown, high-quality coffee celebrated by coffee connoisseurs worldwide, but it is a key centre for natural studies and sustainability projects.


What is so special about Santa Cruz?

Part of the reason for this delicious coffee is the unique microclimate, with the cool sea breezes and ocean current. Then there’s the careful processing and roasting. 

Soil quality is also a key aspect. The Galápagos Islands were created from the frequent eruption of volcanoes. This volcanic soil is rich in nutrients, such as nitrogen, which is particularly important for growing and harvesting coffee.

Despite their low altitude and their position on the equator, the Galapagos Islands are a great region for coffee production as coffee quality is not just influenced by altitude, but also ocean/air currents, geographic location, local microclimates, soil, processing, etc.

Why We love our Galapagos farmer?

The relationship between Tierra Linda and our Galapagos farmers is special as we have been able to share their delicious coffee, as well as their environmental message.

Our Galapagos single origin is a real crowd-pleaser. This natural processed, medium roasted coffee is incredibly balanced with medium acidity. It’s delicious. We’d suggest trying it if you haven’t already!

Keep an eye out for different varieties of our Tierra Linda coffee, and of course, give our Galapagos coffee a go, too!