Tierra Linda

Galapagos Blue Island Coffee-Beans

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  • 200g
  • Artisan Coffee
  • Coffee Beans
  • The most balanced coffee you’ll ever taste. 
  • From the volcanoes of the enchanted islands, Galapagos, a UNESCO Wold Heritage Site.
  • This beautiful, hand-picked, organically-grown coffee comes from Santa Cruz, one of 13 islands, which has a nutrient-packed volcanic soil and a unique microclimate, with the cool sea breezes and ocean current ideal for coffee growing.
  • Bourbon variety: Caturra, a compact plant with good yielding potential of high quality in Galapagos. 
  • Galapagos Islands' law prohibits the use of chemicals and other pesticides, so our farmers adopt agroecological practices to grow a coffee with a very aromatic fragrance, and a light, soft flavour with mild acidity.