Cup of Excellence Ecuador 2021

The Cup of Excellence competition and auction will be held for the first time in Ecuador. 


This important and prestigious coffee event in the world will serve as a showcase for the best coffees Ecuador has to offer, in such a way that Ecuador's producers will be visible to the world and their efforts will be recognised for the first time.

With our recent incorporation, Tierra Linda UK wants Ecuador to be recognised by national and international buyers and discover the great potential of its products. We are sure that this event will have a positive impact for tens of thousands of Ecuadorian families that depend on coffee growing.

At Tierra Linda, we are confident in Ecuador’s potential and firmly believe that our producers will go the extra mile to ensure Ecuadorian coffee appeals to global coffee experts and it is positioned at the top of the industry.

We’ve partnered with local experts and the producers of our Andes and Galapagos coffee who will be contributing to the event and playing key roles as head roasters. 

If you haven’t already, give our Volcanic coffee a try!