Women Coffee Growers

Better for women coffee growers 

We are currently supporting women coffee growers across the Andes Region. In line with our mission and values, we are super committed to making life better for people at source! We are sourcing all coffee directly from our Ecuadorian farmers and pay above the base price. 

The Andes Women’s Collective is all about empowering female communities to fight against gender inequality, become more independent and take ownership of their profession as coffee growers and producers of a high-quality product. 

Freshly roasted to order, their high altitude coffee has rich natural flavours with notes of almond, dark chocolate, and ripe plum in a light or medium roast.


Better for the Planet 

Our artisan coffee comes from eco-friendly plant varieties. Handpicked in remote locations in Ecuador and roasted in South London. We champion sustainable practices that are kind to the environment.

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